Learn how to embed the culture, systems and processes of the world's Highest Reliability Organizations.

If you're in a hazardous industry, you're facing more volatility, complexity and risk than ever before. With markets shifting, regulations changing and pressure to increase efficiency in your operations -  how can you deliver consistent operational excellence?

 Join over 150 business leaders and learn world class strategies for keeping your people safe, your operations productive and your products sustainable at North America’s leading forum on Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals and Resources.  This year's event has tracks on Operational Risk Management, AI & Machine Learning, Lean Transformation,Human Factors, Leadership & Culture, Asset Optimization, Process Safety, Environmental Excellence, Digital Transformation and more.

Over 30 industry-leading speakers will share how to:

  •  Assess - and improve - your company's safety culture
  •  Manage change - without compromising business performance
  •  Lay the foundation for OE by establishing principles that begin with safety - and then applying them to other areas of the business
  •  Proactively identify and mitigate low probability yet high consequence events
  •  Improve your Operations Management System to better identify - and eliminate - sources of risk and value loss in your operations
  •  Implement changes in leadership thinking and behaviors to drive transformation
  •  Increase risk visibility by optimizing data and information management - and minimize unplanned events
  •  Establish a unified operational risk strategy - to ultimately improve business performance
  •  Strengthen your core operating processes to drive enterprise transformation
  •  Detect whether your work environments, culture and processes are increasing the likelihood of a risk occurring
  •  Reduce complexity and variability with clearly defined standards and accountabilities
  •  Benchmark your company against the characteristics of High Reliability Organizations (HROs)

Embed efficiency, safety and effectiveness into your company's DNA.
Make the commitment Operational Excellence.


2019 Speakers include

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Key Themes for 2019 include:

Internet of Things

Leadership, Skills & Capabilities

Change Management

Asset Optimization

Business Transformation

Organizational Effectiveness

Maintenance & Reliability

Human Factors

Organizational Culture

Lean Enterprise

Process Optimization

Digital Transformation

Operations Management Systems

RPA, AI & Machine Learning

Environmental Excellence

Personal & Process Safety

What attendees have said about our Operational Excellence Events:

Exceptional Feedback from the Operational Excellence Summit Series

Want to know what happens at our Operational Excellence events? Watch this short video to get a feel for the onsite experience. Over 100 Heads of Operations, HSE, ORM and Operational Excellence came together at our 2018 Houston Summit to learn how to best manage human, asset and environmental risk to deliver consistent operational excellence.


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