February 7-9, 2018 | Houston Texas

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Download the 2018 Preliminary Agenda

The Operational Excellence & Risk Management Summit will bring together over 150 Heads of Operations, HSE, ORM and Operational Excellence from industrial manufacturing, energy, chemicals, resources, transportation and more – all industries facing high levels of operational risk.
Download the 2018 preliminary agenda to take a closer look at the interactive sessions we’ve planned for this February and how you can benefit from attending.

Interviews with Industry Leaders

60 Seconds: Operational Excellence at NASA

Minimizing the risk of a catastrophe by bringing the lessons of space home

In this exclusive interview, David Loyd, Head of the Safety and Test Operations Division at NASA, provides his insights on integrating risk management practices and techniques throughout a large organization with an extraordinarily diverse mission.

Download the full interview to see how operations leaders in high risk industries can move beyond the use of historical data and really leverage data to be more proactive and predictive – so that data flags warnings early, before catastrophic events occur.

Laying the Foundation for EH&S Excellence

In this in-depth interview, Bonnie Schwartz, Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety at Calpine – a $6B Fortune 500 company with over 2,200 employees and America’s largest generator of electricity from natural gas and geothermal resources - shares her insights into successfully building a foundation of operational excellence with principles that begin with safety.

Download the full interview to read more

60 Seconds with Shell Oil

Lynn Buchanan, America’s Regional Manufacturing Excellence Lead at Shell Oil, provides us with insight into the importance of leadership and the management behaviors required in driving operational excellence.

Download this exclusive interview to see what is driving Shell’s manufacturing excellence strategy, and how to secure executive level support for continuous improvement initiatives when the business is facing more market volatility, risk and complexity than ever before.

60 seconds with Deepwater Horizon Investigator Captain Hung Nguyen

Just seven days after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, U.S. Coast Guard Captain Hung Nguyen was designated as the co-chair for the US Departments of Homeland Security and Interior joint investigation into the incident that killed 11 workers and resulted in the largest oil spill in US history. Captain Nguyen’s role was to determine the causes of the accident and make recommendations for safe operations of future oil and gas activities.

Many of the report’s recommendations have been implemented and we spoke with Captain Nguyen to discuss his personal perspective on the leadership lessons learned from the incident – and where safety improvements still need to be made.

Download the full interview to find out more

60 Seconds with Veolia

Matt DiGeronimo, Vice President of Operations at $50B energy company Veolia, shares his insights on transforming the cultural, operational, and financial underpinnings of a failing coal-fired power plant in just 12 short months.

Download the full interview to find out what are the challenges of modifying the thought-processes and operational models that can often be ingrained for decades in the minds of front-line supervisors, and how culture change can ultimately improve financial performance in high risk industries.

60 Seconds with Cenovus Energy's VP of Health and Safety

Mark Little, Vice President of Health and Safety at Cenovus Energy, provides his insights on maturing your safety culture and what it means to achieve excellence in health and safety.

Read the full interview to learn how Cenovus is using their management system framework to drive operational excellence and risk management and how this has helped to simultaneously keep their people safe, their operations productive and their products sustainable during what’s been a very volatile time for companies operating in hazardous environments.

Human Factors meets Data and Analytics at Chevron

Graciela Perez, Global Manager at Chevron, shares how the global oil and gas giant is leveraging human factors and data analytics as part of their Lean Transformation.

Download the interview to learn how human factors, linked together with Lean Six Sigma, has helped Chevron facilitate change management, improve cross functional learning, and deliver safer and more efficient operations.


The Future of Operational Excellence in High Risk Industries

Industry leaders in high risk industries are increasingly looking toward a programmatic management-system approach to Operational Excellence to identify and mitigate the associated risks of process and occupational safety and environmental incidents – striving to become what’s called a high-reliability organization.

Recently IQPC surveyed more than 150 operations leaders across high-risk industries to understand how leaders are responding to the current market conditions and setting themselves on a more sustainable path.

Download the full report to find out emerging trends and clear actions that hazardous industries need to implement to survive and thrive in the future upturn.


Building a High Reliability Culture

This exclusive eBook will take you through the critical steps that companies operating in hazardous environments must take to improve their corporate culture and ultimately reduce operational risk, improve productivity and drive world class performance. 

Part One of the Guide will show you how to: define what is a ‘High Reliability’ culture; understand how behaviors and values are tied to operational and financial performance; and identify if you have what it takes to build a high performing culture.

Part Two of the guide will show you how to: compares your company to a High Reliability Culture, implement a 4-step culture change framework that will change your culture for the long haul and identify what landmines to avoid for a greater chance of succeeding with your culture change initiative.


Additional Information

OpEx and Risk Management Summit - Sample Attendee List

The Operational Excellence & Risk Management Summit will bring together over 150 Heads of Operations, HSE, ORM and Operational Excellence from the world’s highest reliability organizations to discuss how to simultaneously optimize safety, sustainability and productivity in their organization.

With roundtables, panels, case studies and workshops on Operations Management Systems, Digital Transformation, Operational Risk Management, Leadership  & Culture, Human Factors, Process Safety and more – this is your best opportunity to learn world class strategies for keeping your people safe, your products sustainable and your operations productive. 

Download the 2017 sample attendee list to see who joined the event this past February.